Welcome to Say PEACE! Posters, we’re so glad you found us! We’re a collective of artists offering art in the face of adversity. 

Formed as an instinctual reaction to the devastating photography emerging from Aleppo, our poster gallery offers a creative, meaningful way to contribute, investing in both the people of Syria, and beautiful artwork for your walls. 

An initiative of Erin Neale and Tara Pearce (of Erin & Tara), Say PEACE! Posters draws together creative kindred spirits, bound by a desire to assist. Countering imagery of destruction with imagery celebrating beauty and light, each poster is available in limited edition of 50.

Explore and linger, find an art work that speaks directly to you, or someone you know. Purchase a piece of art knowing your end choice has helped those in urgent need. All profits will be donated to the UNICEF Australia’s “Syria Crisis appeal” to help UNICEF respond with lifesaving assistance for children in places like Aleppo.

A contribution that looks as good as it feels.